The Aubío Story

The story of Aubío’s transformative science began hundreds of years ago when Native Americans were struggling with treating a devastating blistering skin rash. They turned to their most important medicinal plant which they called their “Big Medicine.”

It worked !!

It saved thousands of lives while millions of others died from the disease.

The Native American tribes referred to the extract they squeezed from the carnivorous plant as “Nature’s Golden drop of healing” because they soon learned that it was as valuable as gold.

For two hundred years Native Americans continued using their Big Medicine plant for many serious health conditions and severe pain but Western Medicine had not discovered it until six years ago when Aubío’s science and medical team was asked to identify some novel effective treatments for a life threatening condition affecting Native Americans, the hantavirus.

Aubío’s team soon learned that the carnivorous plant used in Native American medicine was extremely effective at soothing, cooling, moisturizing various rashes on the skin including cold sores.

A combination of cultivation (specific growing conditions), innovative extraction and filtration resulted in the company discovering ultra SuperBotanicals, The Ultra effective SuperBotanicals selectively enhance penetration and absorption of moisturizing humectants and emollients. The result is a skin feel that one can sense immediately. Aubio respectfully honors Native American medicinal wisdom and has incorporated the Big Medicine plant into a group of products which will transform the lives the for millions of people throughout the world.

We invite you to try Aubío and Nature’s Golden Drop of Healing.

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It Works !!