Advancing Science Through Plant Sciences

A Core Platform Technology, the Company’s “Chassis”: The genesis of the company’s technology involved learning about the heritage and benefits of the carnivorous plant. Aubío assembled a world class team of researchers with advanced degrees in science and medicine. Drawing on their expertise in botany, horticulture, chemistry, dermatology, and other disciplines, the team carefully paired carnivorous plant extracts with a combination of calming/soothing botanical extracts creating Ultra-Effective SuperBotanicals ™. Together, these ingredients were optimized into our Lip Fortifying Complex™ to provide soothing relief that help lips look and feel in “beautiful balance.”

The carnivorous plant genus evolved over millions of years to become resistant to harsh ultraviolet light, extreme seasonal temperature changes, high and low humidity, insect infestation and resistance to microbial infection. It’s these unique botanical survival attributes that have been tapped, extracted from the plant, filtered, characterized and serves as the company’s proprietary Ultra-Effective SuperBotanicals™. It’s a difference that can be seen and felt immediately when applied to the skin. This fascinatingly balanced sphere of a unique plant species serves as the core for the company’s family of products.

Co-Founder John Paul DeJoria

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Cold Sore Science

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Proven Relief

Our cold sore product has undergone multiple safety studies. The product is non- irritating to the skin as well as non-allergenic. Eye safety studies demonstrated that the product is non-irritating to the eyes, should there be an accidental eye exposure. Various efficacy studies are underway to continue to demonstrate the products performance.

The product has completed a two year shelf life study, demonstrating that the product will retain its performance for a minimum of two years – ideal for the medicine cabinet, purse, car, locker, golf bag etc.

Ultimately, consumers can feel confident that Aubio Life Science’s products are safe and effective and have been rigorously tested for clinical performance.