cold soreHere is a scenario that tens of millions of people have been through. You wake up in the morning, stretch out your back and arms, and head to the bathroom to get ready for your day. You turn the shower on, rub your eyes a few times, and take a quick glance in the mirror before the bathroom fogs up. That is when you first see it…an outbreak on your lip.

Your focus immediately becomes getting rid of that cold sore as quickly as you possibly can. That is totally understandable, but did you ever wonder how that cold sore was formed in the first place? At first, that might seem like irrelevant information, but if you don’t know how a cold sore is formed, how can you take effective steps to prevent future cold sores and minimize the outbreak when a cold sore does appear? This overview provides important information everyone who suffers from cold sores needs to know.

The Origins of a Cold Sore

Also known as fever blisters, are a small blister-like sore that typically appears on or around the lips. A cold sore is caused by the herpes simplex virus strain HSV-1, a medical condition that is common and otherwise has very few symptoms. For reasons that are still being studied, the virus irritates the nerves around the sensitive area of the lips. As a result, the skin forms a nub similar to a pimple and takes on a reddish color. The cold sore may continue to grow after it makes its first appearance. Then it will burst, crust over, and begin to heal. It is not a pleasant process beginning to end. And in addition to the discomfort of having an area of irritated skin, cold sores are very embarrassing, very visible, and very difficult to hide.

What is not a Cold Sore

It is common to confuse a canker sore with a cold sore. Even though they are similar looking and appear in a similar part of the body, they are totally unrelated. A cold sore is formed because a person has herpes simplex virus strain HSV-1. A canker sore is formed simply because of an irritation in the mouth, usually due to inadequate brushing and flossing. The canker sore will be inside the mouth while a cold sore will always present itself around the mouth. This distinction is important to understand so that you can pursue fever blister treatment rather than a method designed for a canker sore.

How to Tell a Cold Sore is on the Way

A cold sore is simply a symptom of irritated nerves. That means the irritation is happening before the cold sore makes its unwelcome appearance. Many people who have had several outbreaks in the past have discovered they can tell when a cold sore is on the way. That is a good thing because the sooner you begin some form of cold sore treatment the less intense the outbreak is likely to be. Here are some signs of an impending cold sore:

  • A painful, burning, or tingling sensation on or around the lips.
  • An illness that includes symptoms like a sore throat or swollen glands. This is not guaranteed to create a cold sore, but there is a link between the two.
  • An increase in saliva production. Not all people with cold sores experience this symptom.

How to Prevent a Cold Sore from Forming

Unfortunately, there is no absolutely effective way to prevent a cold sore from every forming again. If there was, this problem would disappear off the face of the earth. But there are steps that all people can take to reduce the frequency and severity of cold sores. If you want to avoid the embarrassment, self-consciousness, and shame that are often the worst symptoms of cold sores, take these preventative measures in the future:

  • Avoid the Sun –The UV radiation in sunlight is a consistent trigger for cold sores. Be sure to wear sunscreen anytime you go outside, and provide an extra layer of protection by wearing a hat that shades your whole face. You need to take these precautions all year, even in the cold winter months.
  • Eat Well – The healthier your body is, the abler it is to fight off a cold sore outbreak. Always eat a healthy and balanced diet that is high in fresh meats and produce and low in processed foods. You may also want to avoid foods like chocolate, oats, seeds, and beer.
  • Reduce Stress – Stress is a trigger for a cold sore outbreak. You can keep your stress level low by meditating, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep.

Once you know how a cold sore is formed, there is a lot you can do to keep the next one from forming. But the bad news is that despite all your best efforts, you will likely have another cold sore at some point in your life. Effective cold sore treatment then becomes your priority. Rely on the revolutionary formula in the Aubio cold sore gel to turn a major problem into a minor (and invisible) one.