cold sore
If you suffer from outbreaks of cold sores as a result of the herpes virus, you know all too well how embarrassing and self-conscious they can make you feel. Your number one goal is to get the outbreak to heal as quickly as possible so that your appearance is not scarred by an unsightly and unwelcome outbreak. There is a way to prevent a cold sore from getting worse.

How to Stop the Spread of the Cold Sore Virus

It may not be possible to heal an infection overnight, but there are things you can do to limit the severity of the cold sore and help it to heal faster:

Spot the Early Signs

Many people are able to tell that a cold sore outbreak is coming before the actual outbreak makes its first appearance. The area around the lip may feel like it is tingling or burning. You may notice that you are salivating more than normal. The cold sore may also be accompanied by the common symptoms of the flu or a cold – hence the name. Watch out for these signs carefully, because the sooner you pursue some kind of fever blister relief, the smaller and more subtle the cold sore is likely to be. At this point, you can try applying ice to the area, or hold a steeped and cooled tea bag against the surface of the skin.

Block Out the Sun

Cold sores thrive in the heat, and even direct sunlight can exacerbate the symptoms. If you suffer from cold sores, you need to always be conscious about protecting your skin from the sun. This becomes even more important after an outbreak appears. Be sure to use sunscreen whenever you step outside and consider wearing a hat that shades your face from the sun.

Be Healthy

The health of your body is dependent on a number of closely-related internal systems and processes. That is why you should make an effort to be as healthy as possible after a cold sore appears. Eat as healthy as you can, and limit your consumption of junk food. Get as much exercise as possible, but be wary about anything too strenuous as this can actually compromise your fever blister relief. Avoid drinking and smoking, and make sure you get enough sleep. These steps might not impact the cold sore directly, but they do put your body in the best possible condition to heal.

Apply an Ointment

Any cold sore treatment should include a form of cold sore get that is applied directly to the topical area. There are a number of options available over the counter, and even something like simple lip balm can help. Be aware, however, that many of the products on the market only relieve the symptoms of a cold sore but are not able to heal the cold sore itself. Be sure to read the label of ingredients carefully to identify anything that you know causes allergies or irritations.

Take a Pain Killer

Fever blister treatment includes remedies to treat the cold sore itself, as well as remedies to treat the most annoying symptoms of the cold sore. If you find that the sharp pain of the cold sore is making it hard to work, sleep, relax, or think about anything except the embarrassing outbreak on your face, take an over the counter painkiller. However, only take the dosage as recommended, and do not take a prescription pain killer.

Try a Home Remedy

There are a number of common household items that are not intended for use as fever blister treatment but can be used to speed up the healing process. Ice is helpful both before and during the outbreak because it numbs the area and can help to reduce swelling. Aloe Vera is excellent for the skin and has properties that can support the healing process. Applying a drop or two of Visine can help to remove some of the redness on a temporary basis. Petroleum jelly can insulate the cold sore from environmental factors that make it worse. Finally, a cotton swab dipped in salt or baking soda and held against the cold sore for several minutes can help to draw out some of the liquid inside. These have all been shown to be safe, but be careful about trying out your own home remedies. The last thing you want is for the treatment to make the problem worse.

As you can see, trying to keep a cold sore from getting worse involves a lot of effort. And even though these strategies have been shown to be effective for some, they will not necessarily work for all. Rather than frantically searching for something to provide any kind of relief, try Aubio. This cold sore gel has been carefully engineered to combine the leading cold sore remedies into one application. If you have questions or would like to learn more about his breakthrough cold sore treatment, call (844) 692-8246.