Meet Our Leadership Team

Jim Smith

Jim Stith


Jim is the Co-Founder of Aubio Life Sciences, LLC and is an experienced business and trial attorney who has also founded and operated several successful businesses both domestically and internationally.   He started the health club business in Japan in the mid-80’s and eventually negotiated an historic joint venture with Mitsubishi and Sumitomo.

Jim provided strategic planning and consulting for 50+ American and European companies to enter the Japanese markets in the 90’s.  He later built Golden Gourmet Mushrooms, a large mushroom production plant in San Marcos, CA which grows natural, forest mushrooms such as Shiitake, Oyster, Enoki, Portobello and other gourmet mushrooms.

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In 2009 Jim founded Global Green Energy Solutions, Inc. and went to Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya to successfully help those governments with solar solutions to provide water for agriculture.


In 2011, a major university approached Jim to commercialize a botanical extract to challenge the Herpes family of viruses, including cold sores, and the STD form of herpes, Zosters or Shingles, Kaposi’s Sarcoma, along with Human papilloma virus (HPV) which causes cervical cancer. The discovery of this amazing botanical was shared with the Center for Disease Control who verified the universities’ findings.

Jim holds a BA (1973) from the University of Utah in Business, an MBA (1974) from the American Graduate School of International Management (“Thunderbird”) and a Juris Doctor from Brigham Young University (1980).

Today Jim is fully committed to bring one of Nature’s most important healing secrets to millions of people around the world who suffer from conditions to which Aubio can provide solutions.

John Paul DeJoria


John Paul DeJoria is a first-generation American turned entrepreneur, philanthropist and pillar of the business community. He has struggled against the odds not only to achieve success, but to share his success with others, always living his motto: “Success unshared is failure.”

In 2011, John Paul signed Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s “The Giving Pledge” as a formal promise to continue giving back. The same year, he established JP’s Peace, Love & Happiness Foundation as a hub for his charitable investments, which support the core values of his companies: sustainability, social responsibility and animal-friendliness.

Scott Woolley

Scott Woolley


Scott Woolley is a true entrepreneur, he was inducted into Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and earned the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year title in 1999. He started his career working for music acts such as Led Zeppelin and Bad Company. At the age of 23 he opened the first of 41 upscale gourmet grocery stores (Woolley’s Fine Foods) becoming one of the most innovative and successful, privately owned super-market chains in the country.

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He would later launch a television/film production company partnering with friend John Paul DeJoria and go on to create 25 television series with over 1,100 television episodes, six motion pictures, and created the first Nationally broadcast weekly radio show for the NHL, earning himself over 150 entertainment industry awards including four Emmy’s.

Along the way Scott has also overseen the launch and marketing, sales and distribution for a number of brands such as John Paul Pet, Great Spirits Baking, and Intelligender creating distribution into such retailers as Target, Petco, CVS, Walmart, Costco and Safeway.

Additionally Scott controls and licenses on of the largest privately held film/video library’s in the world with over 21,000 titles.


Rachel Wagner

Executive Director of Business Development

Mr. DeJoria selected Rachel to come on, having previously collaborated with her on various projects over the past 15-year time span. Wagner is a dynamic and accomplished business woman with a diverse background and expertise in sales strategy, marketing design, brand conceptualization, implementation of management and distribution.

Rachel began her career in the entertainment and film industry, eventually transitioning into sales within the beauty and fashion-oriented companies. With over ten years of experience in brand development, merchandising, creative direction, and sales. She has a history of bringing success to every company she has worked with.

Mark V. Dahl, MD

Mark V. Dahl, MD

Director of Clinical Research

Dr. Dahl is Professor Emeritus and former Chairman, Department of Dermatology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic Arizona, and Professor Emeritus and former Chairman, Department of Dermatology, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis.  He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and has subspecialty certifications in dermatopathology and dermatologic immunology.

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Since resigning from the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Dahl has helped companies as a consultant, particularly with respect to the dermatology landscape, unmet needs in dermatology, and trends in therapy and patient care.  He has designed clinical trials, reviewed formulations, and brought “bench-to-bedside” basic science to product development.  He previously served as medical consultant for Capstone Therapeutics, Inc., and as medical director for Makucell, Inc.

Dr. Dahl was President of the American Academy of Dermatology in 1993 and Vice President of the Society for Investigative Dermatology in 1995. He received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota.