3.7 Billion People Suffer from Cold Sores

Are You One Of The 3.7 Billion People?

Aubio is a life science personal skincare company on a mission:

Changing the world with proven plant based technologies – Natures Golden Drop

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Aubío is a manufacturing, sales, distribution, research & development company focused on the development of skin products utilizing proprietary technology derived from a unique combination of plants.

Aubío Life Sciences

Aubío For Cold Sores/Fever Blisters

Safe, natural, non-allergenic botanical formulations for cold sores/Fever Blisters. Aubío™ is a soothing, clinically proven treatment shown to provide fast temporary relief of pain and itching relief of cold sores.

Our Science

Aubío’s team of scientists are focused on developing a family of products to address common skin problems. Aubío’s initial focus is development of a family of plant based products, for Cold Sores/Fever Blisters.

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