Aubio Cold Sore Treatment

Aubio relievers pain and itch from the symptoms associated with cold sores

try aubio for fast acting lip therapy that soothes, protects & promotes healing

Aubio Lip Balm

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Lip care requires the same commitment to health and beauty as any other area of the body.


Aubío Life Science is committed to creating products that make a real identifiable difference. We are a life science company with a focus on skin care developing a powerful line of products derived from Aubío’s proprietary blend. Aubío’s initial line of core technology demonstrates a powerful formula designed for people who live with troublesome skin and lip conditions.



  • Protecting and Soothing
  • Relief of pain and itching

User Testimonials

“I have been using Aubío cold sore treatment gel for the past year. It stops the cold sore from growing larger and the swelling goes away in a few hours. I was so happy with the results and how quickly it worked for me, that I have been recommending to friends. Anyone who suffers from cold sores should go out and try Aubio.” – Penny
“Last night I started to get a cold sore. If you have gotten cold sores before you know how fast they come on and balloon into a blister. I had some Aubio gel on hand so applied it immediately. The next two hours the cold sore continued to develop. I thought to myself, I hope this one gets knocked out because it is going to be a big one. I applied the gel every hour until I went to bed. When I woke up the cold sore was smaller than when I went to bed. I then knew that the Aubio gel had gotten to the virus and stopped it. Today it is completely gone. It is so awesome to know that I can knock out my cold sores before they even breakout into a blister, like what happened with this one.” – Rick
“On the first day that I felt the tingling sensation, sensitive pain and a slight bump on my lip that another cold sore was coming on I applied the Aubio gel on that area. I instantly felt a relief of pain and it was soothing. I continued to apply the Aubio every 4 hours though out the day and before I went to bed that night. The cold sore did not grow, in fact, it began to shrink. I continued to apply the Aubio the following day. On the third day it was totally gone without the cold sore erupting into a full blister. I had no signs of having a cold sore. In the past I have used Blistex. The Blistex did not stop the cold sore from erupting, although it did give some pain relief, but not like the Aubio gel did. This is a wonderful product and I will use it from now on.” – Michelle
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